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Ashlyn is coerced by her stepmother, Miriam, to come join the family on a trip to the Caribbean as part of destination wedding. Miriam is the bride to be, and though Ashlyn has been on her own for a while, her stepfamily is quick to fall into old patterns of undervaluing Ashlyn, putting her down, and expecting her to do everything. To make things harder, Miriam's fiancé, Bruce, is a wonderful man who is oblivious to Miriam's ways. Ashlyn finds friendship and the beginnings of love with Bruce’s son, Noah. But Ashlyn struggles to have her own happily ever after when she knows her stepfamily is set to ruin Bruce. Stars Emma Reinagel, Conor McGee, Sarah Kent, Ben Lomu, Joel Bishop, B Z Cullins, Tamari Dunbar, Ashlyn Brooke Anderson, Eli Ghaeini, Tim Threlfall,

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