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Emmy Coer, a computer genius, devises a method of communicating with the past by tapping into undying information waves. She manages to reach the world of Ada Lovelace, founder of the idea of a computer language and proponent of the possibilities of the "difference engine." Ada's ideas were stifled and unfulfilled because of the reality of life as a woman in the nineteenth century. Emmy has a plan to defeat death and the past using her own DNA as a communicative agent to the past, bringing Ada to the present. But what are the possible ramifications? Stars Tilda Swinton, Francesca Faridany, Timothy Leary, Karen Black, John Perry Barlow, John O'Keefe, J.D. Wolfe, Owen Murphy, David Brooks, Esther Mulligan, Ellen Sebastian, Mark Capri, Joe Wemple, Chris von Sneidern, David Eppel, R.U. Sirius, Kashka Peck, Rose Lockwood, Jesse Talman Boss, Lillian L. Malmberg, Cyrus Mare, Michael Oosterom, Pollyanna Jacobs, Roger Shaw,

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