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Percy Winthram is a naive young man who still lives at home with his mum. In London for the Cup Final with his friends, he finds himself in a Soho strip club, where he meets blonde hostess Cyrenne. Accepting a bet from friend Ginger, he accompanies Cyrenne back to her flat, and a boast-worthy night of lust seems to be on the cards. However, drained of beer and bravado, Percy's innocence and vulnerability become all too evident. Stars Harry H. Corbett, Diane Cilento, Thora Hird, Michael Medwin, Charles Dyer, Hugh Futcher, Brian Wilde, Alexander Davion, David Saire, Barbara Archer, John Ronane, Michael Robbins, George Roderick, Marie Burke, Carole Gray, Ingrid Anthofer, Karen Kaufman, Marianne Stone, Bryan Mosley, David Burke, Paul Ferris, Eric Mason, Terence Brook, Victor Harrington, Hubert Hill, Doug Robinson, Roy Patrick, Bill Hibbert, Frank Hawkins, Lindsay Hooper, Andreas Malandrinos, Reg Thomason, John Wilder,

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