Santastein (2023)

About Santastein

Horror Comedy Fantasy Download English Subtitle Download German Subtitle

When Max Causey was six, he accidentally killed Santa. 12 years later, Max rectifies his mistake by resurrecting him, but soon realizes the creature he created is a bloodthirsty killer and it's headed right to his friend's Christmas party. Stars Jared Korotkin, Ophelia Rivera, Michael Vitovich, Kaylie Heyner, Damien Edwards, Heather Fisch, Fernando Morales, Leo Pereira, Claire Veater, Maisy Kay, Rafa Llama, Alejandro Sevilla, Stanley Ross, Mauricio Bermudez, Brad Kaaya, Brian Long, Caro Gramajo, Byron Duncan, Jeff Clarke, Fletcher Hammond, Lilli Rose Rittner, Victoria Camilion, Jeff Peterson, Brooke Hall, Rebecca Vargas, Bob Harrigan,

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