Sugar Mommy (2022)

About Sugar Mommy

TV Movie Thriller Drama Download English Subtitle Download German Subtitle

When Eve, a 19-year-old college student, is convinced by her friend to sneak out for a wild night of partying, her friend winds up dead – and Eve loses her college athletic scholarship. She meets Carla, a successful event planner, who offers what seems to be the “perfect” job to pay for tuition. But before long, Eve discovers this opportunity is nothing more than a front for the dangerous sugaring scheme that caused her friend’s death. Stars Pilot Paisley-Rose, Laurie Fortier, Alex McKenna, Shannon Timberlake, DJames Jones, Briana Cuoco, Matt Magnusson, Meghan Roberts, Phil Buckman, Ashley Jones, Anthony Jensen, Sarah Kaufmann, Emily Ram, Erica Duke, Tonya Kay, Cortney Scott Wright, Kudy Kpanlin, Chasty Ballesteros, Shoko Rice, Cody Miller,

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