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Contains list of horror series to watch online. Some horror series subgenre that can be found in the site are demonic possession horror shows, paranormal series, TV series about monsters, slasher shows, zombies, gore / splatter genre, witchcraft, vampire, psychological horror and even comedic horror series. Demonic possession horror genre or also known as supernatural subgenre that usually includes historical story telling about evil, mythical beings, religious and supernatural. Paranormal subgenre is closely relevant to the last mentioned genre but this type focuses on characters that aren't living beings and instead spooks viewers by ghosts or spirits that are not usually visible in any scene. Monster and vampire are closely related subgenre as both contains beings with strength and size to destroy. Vampire subgenre however became popular as separate subgenre of horror TV seires as it focuses on a blood sucking creature who possessed monster powers and only walks at night. Gore or splatter subgenre are more common in movies and seldom seen in TV shows because of its violent and disturbing images that are not suitable in small screens. However, zombies subgenre contains gore scenes that are loved by a lot of viewers around the world. Witchcraft subgenre focuses on the mischief of a witch folklore and the magic they possesed as they target their victims. Paranoia and manipulation of the emotional and mental state, that's what the psychological subgenre can bring in the plate that is served as another great horror subgenre. If you want a lighter horror subgenre, then comedic subgenre is for you. It mixes the fun and scare in one beautiful subgenre of horror. If you are looking to watch horror movies, go the movie section of the page or if you are going to watch series online and binge-watch it then search the title of the show and click each episode to open different options and episode streams.