Wrong Carriage, Right Groom

Wrong Carriage, Right Groom

During the Tang Dynasty in Yangzhou, two beautiful ladies are due to marry on the same day. Du Bing Yan will wed the seriously ill Qi Tian Lei, the third and prodigal son of the Qi Mansion, while Li Yu Hu must marry the bandit Yuan Bu Qu, who recently kidnapped her martial artist father. En route to their respective grooms' homes, both brides visit the Temple of the Mountain God, which suddenly erupts into flames. In the ensuing chaos, each boards the other's marriage sedan! How will they deal with the consequences of this mistake? Watch Wrong Carriage, Right Groom series full episodes online streaming for free. In Yangzhou, two young maidens are setting out to get married on the same day. One is Du Bingyan, the daughter of a wealthy merchant; the other is Li Yuhu, the daughter of a martial arts master in Yangzhou. On the surface, both marriages seem perfect – Bingyan will marry Qi Tianlei, the third son of the Liuzhou tycoon Qi family, while Yuhu will be the bride of the great general Yuan Buqu, a highly valued officer of the imperial court. However, they are the only ones who know the sad reality. Qi Tianlei is sick and frail. The Qis are only rushing the wedding because they hope the celebration will bring health and good fortune to the household. Yuan Buqu was once humiliated in the Li family and only decided to marry Yuhu as revenge. As the two ladies weep softly in their wedding carriages, they are caught in a sudden downpour. The two processions decide to wait out the storm in the same temple. But when the sky clears, the porters accidentally switch the carriages! And so two bizarre marriages full of twists and turns begin to unfold…Adapted from the novel “Wrong Carriage, Right Groom” () by Xi Juan ().
Premiere Date: August 28, 2023
Air Time: 6:00 pm
Country: CN
Air Day:
Related Tags: romance period drama

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